SlickShifts – New Website Features

Photo Above – Dawn of a New Day! A photo that I took early on the morning of the 24th August this year 🙂

New Features on the Website

Site Refresh & Added Product Features

Over the past few weeks / month I’ve been trying to make this site a bit more user friendly & fresher looking! So please take a look below at the new website features.
Smartened up the Landing Page, hopefully it does look better to you guys as well, and added a few new Product features too.
I’ve tried to make all of the Buttons display in the same way for both Static Page & Cursor Hover positions.

Wish List

You can now add your favourite products to a Wish List. Just click on the little ♥ in the Top Left Hand Corner of the Product Image.

Compare Button

Plus I’ve added a Compare Button. So if you’re, lets say, looking for a Shampoo you can now add them to a list & Compare them! Without having to keep switching between various pages.

New Top Bar!

The New Top Bar that’s visible on every page keeps you informed of all the Latest Deals, Offers & Products etc.
It should be the 1st thing that you Click!!

New Landing Page Slider

This is the 2nd most important thing to look at if you’re either new to the site or want to see the latest Products & Deals. Watch all the way to the end to make sure you don’t miss out!!

Purchase On-Line & Collect In-Store

Not sure if you’ve already noticed this but you can now Purchase your goods on here & then click a specific button to collect your goods in-store. Without having to worry about postage charges or coupons to remove the charges that the website would have added.
Collection in Person Image
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