The first Motorcycle and Bike cleaner & degreaser available in water soluble capsules. We cut down on single use plastic & use less fuel to get our cleaner to you, plus it takes up less space in your shed!
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What a Great Idea!!

I used to own a Mountain Bike Shop for 18 years, in the same building as we’re in now, and we used to sell big quantities of the Bike Cleaners from various different cycling brands. So, seen as I still have a Mountain Bike and lots of people that are interested in Cars are also interested in Motorbikes & Cycles then I thought why not give the Proper Cleaner by Guy Martin range a go! It’s all just cleaning at the end of the day & whatever the job you just need the right tools!

So to start off with we have the Motorcycle Cleaner & Proper Degreaser in either the Starter Packs (comes with a 750ml Bottle, Trigger Spray Head & 2 Capsule Pouch, makes 1.5 Litres) or the Refill Packs (Pouch with 2 Capsules, makes 1.5 Litres)


Motorcycle Cleaner – Alkaline based & contains no solvents, acids or CFCs Liquid is 100% biodegradable.

Proper Degreaser – The liquid is 100% biodegradable, vegan friendly and is produced under the Eco Label

Capsules can be used up to 3 years after the date on the back of the resealable pouch

Not tested on Nigel the Dog or his mates.

Designed, tested and manufactured in the UK.


Product Pages are now live on here:-

Motorcycle Cleaner Starter Pack

Motorcycle Cleaner Refill Pack

Proper Degreaser Starter Pack

Proper Degreaser Refill Pack

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