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Massive Cannons Wide Mouth Snow Foam Cannon

Snow foam lances when combined with a dedicated snow foam solution create a thick blanket of clinging foam which sits on the surface of the paint.


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SlickShifts Garden Hose Lance


Massive Cannons Wide Mouth Snow Foam Cannon


The Massive Cannons ‘Wide Mouth’ is the first foam lance that shoots thick clingy foam in horizontal or vertical pattern with a simple twist of the wrist for the safest car washing, without ever tipping over! Snow Foam Lances are one of the must have products when detailing your car and with good reason, in conjunction with a pressure washer they make car washing fun but more importantly reduce the risk of swirls and scratches often inflicted during the wash process.


Advantages of our Wide Mouth Snow Foam Cannon:

  • Turn your car wash into foam bubble bath
  • Add tons of lubrication prevent wash marring
  • Get the perfect scratch-free wash
  • Cover your entire car in thick fluffy foam
  • Gently glide your mitt over the surface


Thick Foam for a Flawless Finish

The Massive Cannons Wide Mouth Foam Lance protects paintwork by lubricating and gently removing abrasive dirt and debris with thick foam. The rotating sprayer nozzle turns the foam fan from vertical to horizontal with just the turn of the wrist. For the first time ever, you can spray thick car wash foam in any direction without turning the whole cannon on its side and losing foam pressure!


Innovative Design for Stress-Free Washing

The Hi-Flow Breather Valve atop the soap solution bottle housing maintains the perfect balance of air pressure as the soap solution is drawn out into the high pressure water stream, reducing vacuum pressure and ensuring a steady stream of foamy soapy suds. The Massive Cannons Wide Mouth Lance uses a clever bottle design that helps the foam cannon from tipping over when standing alone to prevent product waste and damage.


Technical Specs

The Massive Cannons Wide Mouth Lance works with any gas or electric pressure washer 800-3,500 PSI. Never exceed 4,200 PSI with either lance. Minimum 1.4 GPM; 2.0 GPM recommended; Never Exceed 5.3 GPM. Units ship with a standard ¼’’ Quick-Connect Plug Quick Release that directly attaches Lance to pressure washer wand.

High pressure new model big cap Cannon

Capacity tank: 900ml

Material: Plastic + Copper + Stainless Steel

Water jet distance: 5-6 m

Max pressure: 3200PSI

Fitting:1/4’’ quick release or customised



  1. Unscrew fluid tank from lance unit and fill fluid tank with warm water.
  2. Add 1-3 ounces of snow foam, then attach fluid tank to the lance.
  3. Rinse car with water to remove loose debris and grime.
  4. Reattach lance to pressure washer wand via the quick release nozzle.
  5. Cover car with thick car wash foam.
  6. Proceed with 2-bucket car wash method, then rinse and dry car.


Snow foam lances when combined with a car shampoo or ideally dedicated snow foam solution create a thick blanket of clinging foam which sits on the surface of the paint. The detergents in the snow foam gently soften and break down the dirt whilst the effect of gravity gently removes the dirt, grime and heavier deposits as the foam moves off the paint. This means that when used as a dedicated pre-wash stage by the time you come to actually hand wash the vehicle the heavier and potentially swirl inducing deposits will already have been removed so there is much less chance of scratching the surface during the regular wash process. You can also just use a regular car shampoo through the lance and directly sponge the suds which again is safer than the regular bucket wash.

You may be wondering why these are such a good value, but don’t be put off by the price, this is a high quality snow foam lance manufactured to the highest standards.

Each snow foam lance is constructed with a solid brass body for maximum durability. They have an adjustable valve on top to fully regulate the amount of foam the lance produces by precisely controlling the water shampoo ratio. The spray pattern is also fully adjustable and each snow foam lance comes ready to go with the adaptor of choice (select from drop down).


SlickShifts Wide Mouth Lance


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