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  • Gyeon Q2M WaffleDryer 60 x 80cm
  • Gyeon Quartz Q2m Waffle Dryer 40x60cm
  • Gyeon Quartz Waffle Dryer Towel Action
  • Gyeon Quartz Waffle Dryer Towel Action
  • Gyeon Quartz Waffle Dryer Towel Action
  • Gyeon Quartz Waffle Dryer Towel Action
  • Gyeon Quartz Waffle Dryer Towel Action
  • Gyeon Quartz Waffle Dryer Towel Action
  • Gyeon Q2M Waffle Dryer 40 x 40cm - New Size

Gyeon Q²M WaffleDryer Microfibre Cloth

A classic and proven effective drying towel.

Size 40×60 cm & 60×80 cm


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Gyeon Q²M WaffleDryer Microfibre Cloth


Superb maintenance products for outstanding detailing performance

All of our microfibres inc the WaffleDryer are developed to suit the products offered. Depending on the surface, Q²M Microfibres are great for applying Q² CanCoat, giving a final wipe down with Q²M Cure or drying your vehicle. All towels provide maximum performance and the highest durability.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 40×60 cm & 60×80 cm




Our Q²M WaffleDryer towel is the ultimate choice, and comes in two sizes – the large 60x80cm size for drying the bodywork and all plastic/glass surfaces and the handy 40×60 size, perfect for all smaller and hard to access parts. Both are made from the same high quality, extremely absorbent microfibre, making drying fast and effective, but also safe! We put a lot of effort into finding the best structure, to make the towel leave no streaks at all. The small Q²M WaffleDryer is also perfect for cleaning glass surfaces.



Machine wash, maximum 30’C. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Use Microfibre Wash for the Ultimate Care of all of your Microfibres.



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