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  • Chemical Guys Rinse Free Wash and Shine, The Hose Free Rinseless Car Wash - SlickShifts Detailing Store

Chemical Guys Rinse Free Wash and Shine, The Hose Free Rinseless Car Wash


Chemical Guys Product Code: CWS88816

Rinse-Free Wash & Shine is a revolutionary rinseless wash system for all vehicles.


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Chemical Guys Rinse Free Wash and Shine The Hose Free Rinseless Car Wash



Why Buy This Product?

  • Super slick formula prevents swirls and scratches
  • Optical select high gloss shine on any colour paintwork
  • pH-balanced, safe for wax and sealant coats
  • Perfect for two-bucket or spray down wash
  • Wipes clean with no residue
  • Advanced UV protection
  • Wash cars without water indoors, or on the road
  • Enhances wax and sealant coats for extra protection and shine
  • Available in 4 ounce, 64 ounce (1/2 Gallon), and 1 gallon sizes


How To Use:
Use Rinse-Free Wash and Shine in 2-bucket wash method

  1. Shake Well
  2. Add 2 – 3 oz. of Rinse-Free Wash & Shine to 5 gallons of water in a bucket
  3. Wash surface one panel at a time using a premium microfibre wash mitt
  4. Pre-soak heavily-soiled areas with 16:1 solution of Rinse-Free Wash & Shine with a sprayer for added cleaning power
  5. Rinse dirt from mitt in second bucket of clean water, then wring mitt out on the ground or separate catch pan
  6. Repeat process over entire car until it is clean
  7. Start at top of vehicle and work to bottom
  8. Buff residue dry with a premium microfibre towel, or add a quick detail spray for added shine and reduced chance of streaks


Caution – manufactured for professionals. Keep out of reach of children. If first aid is required while using this product see the product label for further instructions and contact a physician immediately.

How It Works

Chemical Guys Rinse-Free Wash & Shine is a revolutionary rinse less wash system for all vehicles. Rinse-Free Wash & Shine uses rinse less technology to safely remove dirt, filth, and road grime from any vehicle with no hose and no mess. The new formula uses next-generation lubricants and emulsifiers to wash a car without any running water or hose. Slick synthetic lubricants glide the premium wash mitt or microfibre towel gently over the surface to remove dirt and grime without scratching sensitive parts. Wash any car, anywhere, any time with Rinse Free Wash & Shine; use the hose-less car wash technology to clean any vehicle in the warmth of of the garage on a cold winter’s night, or outside under a shady tree on a bright spring day. Rinse-Free Wash & Shine works equally well on any coloured vehicle. The easy-to-use rinse less wash cleans away dirt, and brightens shine with gloss enhancing agents to make any car wash look like a full detail. The gentle pH-balanced formula leaves no water spots, and will not strip off any wax or sealant coats from the vehicle. Rinse-Free Wash & Shine conserves fresh water and reduces wastewater runoff that can pollute streams, rivers, and lakes. Wash any car, truck, motorcycle, SUV, or off road ATV without any running water with Chemical Guys Rinse-Free Wash & Shine.


What Does “Rinse Free” Mean?

Rinse-Free Wash & Shine eliminates the need for running water and a hose. Now any professional detailer or hardcore enthusiast can wash their car regardless of extreme weather conditions outside, or tight water restrictions due to drought. Wash any car in the comfort of a heated garage, or outside in the fresh air even without access to running water. Prepare a sprayer bottle and two buckets for a wash with clean fresh water. Mix two ounces of Wash & Shine into soap solution bucket, and two ounces of Wash & Shine into the 32 oz sprayer bottle. Pre-saturate dirt and debris with the sprayer solution, then wash the car with the mitt, rinsing it out in the fresh water bucket after cleaning each panel. Buff each area dry with a premium microfibre towel, then move on until the whole car is done. That’s it! No need for rinsing before or after the wash to clean an entire car. Save time setting up the hose, and save water by skipping two full rinses or leaving the hose running in between each rinse.


Bring Out That Beautiful Shine

Chemical Guys Rinse-Free Wash & Shine uses premium gloss enhancers to add tons of extra shine after drying. Dirt and contaminants block and scatter light, reduce reflection, and make cars look dull and uncared for. Wintertime can be too cold for normal washing outdoors since rinse water could freeze on a car. Because a wash with Wash & Shine only requires two buckets and no running water, cars can be washed in the comfort of a heated garage without issue. Remove dirt, dust, road grime, brake dust, bird droppings, road salt, and more with Rinse-Free Wash & Shine. Use Rinse-Free Wash & Shine to clean paintwork, metal, plastic, wheels, undercarriages, glass, and more. Clean any car in the dead of winter or the blistering summer heat with no problems. Save water and time with Chemical Guys Wash & Shine.


Save Water With Advanced Chemistry

The average person wastes hundreds of gallons of water washing a car without a hose nozzle. Even with a nozzle, a typical two bucket wash with a hose uses over 100 gallons of fresh purified water. The advanced chemistry of Rinse-Free Wash & Shine uses slick lubricants and cleansers that eliminate the need for heavy rinsing with lots of water. With only a 32 oz sprayer solution of Rinse-Free Wash & Shine and the two buckets from a standard hose wash, any detailer or enthusiast can wash, detail, and shine a dirty car without scratching any paintwork or sensitive surfaces. Eliminating the hose also reduces waste and messiness of a standard wash, and allows anyone to wash any car, anywhere, at any time. Remove mud, road salt, and frozen snow in the warmth and comfort of a heated garage during the dead of winter without freezing. Clean any car in the shade on a hot summer day without wasting hundreds of gallons of running water through an unchecked garden hose. Rinse-Free Wash & Shine saves running water, valuable detailing time, and energy for any weekly maintenance wash or full detail.


Ultimate Detailing Flexibility

Not all situations are the same. Some people live in houses with access to running water and a hose; some people live in apartment buildings with a single parking spot and no access to a hose. With Chemical Guys Rinse-Free Wash & Shine, anyone can wash their car quickly and easily. A full wash with Rinse-Free only requires two car wash buckets, a wash mitt, sprayer bottle, and some microfibre towels. Rinse-Free Wash & Shine is perfect for washing cars in a garage, outdoor parking spot, or while out on a road trip. Mix an 16:1 concentrated solution and spray from a bottle to saturate heavier contamination and reduce the chance of scratching when cleaning with the two bucket method. Use Wash & Shine to clean contamination, dirt, and debris from paintwork, glass, wheels, tires, plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces.


Part NumberCWS88816
Size16 ounce
TopFlip cap
Dilution2-3 ounces to 4-5 gallons of water
ScentGreen Apple
Gloss EnhancerYes
Wax/Sealant safeYes
Slickness levelHigh
pH balancedYes
Safe for light colour carsYes
Safe for dark colоur carsYes


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