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  • Chemical Guys Leather Protectant Dry-to-the-Touch Serum - SlickShifts
  • Chemical Guys Leather Protectant Dry-to-the-Touch Serum - SlickShifts

Chemical Guys Leather Protectant Dry-to-the-Touch Serum


Leather Protectant Dry-to-the-Touch Serum

Chemical Guys Product Code: SPI_111_16

Chemical Guys Leather Protectant Serum coats, conditions, and protects leather seats, upholstery, and goods.


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Leather Protectant Dry-to-the-Touch Serum

Why Buy This Product?

  • Protects leather against UV sunlight, fading, cracking, and staining for up to 16 months
  • Restores a stock new matte leather sheen, no greasy oily shine
  • Durable coating formula penetrates deep into the pores of leather
  • Keep leather seats, door panels, dashboards, and centre consoles looking fresh and new
  • Works on natural leather, modern sealed leather, and synthetic vinyl leather
  • Perfect for automobile upholstery, furniture, apparel, accessories, and more
  • Also available in 4 ounce size

About Leather Serum

Chemical Guys Leather Protectant Serum coats, conditions, and protects leather seats, upholstery, and goods. Normal wear and tear, harsh UV sunlight, and improper cleaning makes leather feel dry, look faded, and even causes it to crack and break. Leather Serum is a unique protectant that restores a soft supple feel to leather, and protects against fading from harsh UV rays and light stains from normal use. Simply rub the Leather Serum into the leather piece like lotion on skin, then buff off any excess with a premium microfibre towel. Leather Serum helps repel body oils and moisture that can stain leather, and harsh UV sunlight that fades and damages leather. Treat and protect natural or sealed leather seats, dashboards, and steering wheels in any automobile to maintain a showroom-new look and feel. Also try Leather Serum on leather apparel like boots, shoes, jackets, motorcycle gear, stick bags, and briefcases for extended protection and a like-new look. For best results, pair Leather Serum up with Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner, brushes, applicators, and towels on any leather piece inside or outside any automobile. Choose Chemical Guys Leather Protectant Serum for a like-new look and feel on any leather piece.

Prevent Damage To Keep Leather Looking And Feeling New

Leather is the skin off of an animal. Just like your own skin, leather can dry out, crack, fade, and discolour from normal wear and tear, and exposure to harsh elements. UV sunlight, constant use, and oils and dirt from your own skin can ruin the look and feel of leather seats and upholstery. Chemical Guys Leather Serum is one solution that helps keep leather looking, feeling, and smelling brand new. By moisturising the hide and blocking harmful UV rays, Leather Serum helps prevent cracking, fading, and discolouration that makes older leather and upholstery look terrible and fall apart. The durable coating penetrates deep into the pores of natural and synthetic leather surfaces, sealing and protecting the hide against staining from normal exposure to body oils, sweat, and liquids. Preventing damage in the first place is the best way to keep upholstery looking and feeling new. Treat your leather to a new look and feel with Chemical Guys Leather Serum.

Versatile Formula Protects Everywhere

Automakers use leather all over interior surfaces. From seats to door panels, armrests to centre consoles, dashboards, door pillars, convertible top covers, and even some headliners are all trimmed in leather. Whether it’s natural tanned leather, durable sealed leather, or full-synthetic leatherette or vinyl pleather upholstery, treat it all with Chemical Guys Leather Serum. The highly-refined water-based formula penetrates through the fine pores of any leather surface to nourish and protect the piece from within the hide itself. Spread Leather Serum onto interior automobile surfaces to repel harmful UV rays and body oils, and to protect against stains from minor spills. Take Leather Serum inside the home or office and protect leather chairs, couches, boots, shoes, handbags, briefcases, and other apparel and accessories. Cheap leather conditioners and cleaners make leather look greasy and shiny. Leather Serum finishes with a satin matte sheen, the natural look of new leather. Professionals and detailing enthusiasts who know better choose Chemical Guys Leather Serum to protect fine leather and durable synthetic upholstery, apparel, and accessories inside, and outside their automobiles.

Durable Leather Coating Technology

What good is any leather protectant product if it doesn’t go the distance? Chemical Guys Leather Protectant Serum penetrates deep into leather surfaces to nourish and protect against UV rays, liquids, and oils. The long-lasting formula protects and enhances a new leather look and feel for up to 16 continuous months. One detail with Leather Serum is enough to help resist cracking and fading from harsh UV sunlight for months, so you can enjoy a summer with a top down or skip out on expensive window tint. Seal up your brand new leather shoes and boots to help repel rainwater, spills, and accidents, so you can wipe them dry to avoid permanent staining and damage. Keep the kids and pets off the new expensive furniture, or seal it up with Leather Serum and let them roam around the house worry free. The possibilities are endless, and Chemical Guys Leather Serum is the professional’s choice for protecting any fine leather piece inside or outside any automobile.

What’s The Difference Between Leather Serum And Leather Conditioner?

Leather Protectant Serum is a protective coating that shields leather from withering in the harshest elements. It finishes with a natural sheen without any extra glossy shine, and is ideal for newer, clean, or well-maintained leather. Leather Conditioner restores mildly-weathered leather products. It is a mild cleaner and conditioner that restores a like-new look and feel to older leather pieces, and enhances a mild shine to leather hides.


How To Use:
Start by cleaning dirt, grease, and body oils from leather surfaces with Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner.

  • Always test new leather care products on an inconspicuous spot to check for colorfastness and desired results.
  • Pair Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner with the Horsehair Leather Cleaning Brush.
  • Spray Leather Cleaner directly into brush bristles and scrub dirt and filth from the affected area.
  • Wipe up excess cleaner and loosened filth with a premium microfibre towel.

Follow by conditioning leather parts to keep them looking and feeling supple and new.

  • Spread 1 – 3 lines of Chemical Guys Leather Serum on a premium microfibre applicator pad.
  • Spread the Leather Serum cream evenly over the workpiece, then massage deep into the hide like rubbing lotion into the skin.
  • Buff off any excess product to restore a soft, smooth, and silky feel.


Part NumberSPI_111_16
Size16 ounces
TopBlack top with flip top
ColourlessNo, however the product is safe to use on any colour leather
OdourlessNo, has a light, fresh leather scent
pH balancedYes
UV protectionYes


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