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Auto Finesse Revive Trim Dressing

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Revive Trim Dressing

Auto Finesse® Revive is a silicone-based trim dressing that brings life back to your exterior plastics, while being water resistant.

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Trim Dressing

Auto Finesse® Revive is a silicone-based trim dressing that brings life back to your exterior plastics, while being water resistant. The solution darkens and restores colour to the plastic trim, leaving behind a subtle satin finish that is dry to the touch, and will not run off in the rain. Once applied, its advanced formula will help to protect plastic and rubber trim from future fading. With the durability that exceeds conventional water-based dressings.
Its silicone-polymers help to shield the trim from damaging UV-radiation and instil hydrophobic properties that help to repel weathering. They also make Revive resistant to regular washing, maintaining a factory fresh finish week after week.

Why Use Revive?
  • Darkens and Restores Colour To Exterior Trims

  • Leaves A Satin Finish

  • Water Resistant

  • Developed with Silicone Polymers to Protect from Future Fading

  • Works Perfectly when Applied with Our Tyre and Trim Applicator Pad


Begin by cleaning the trims with an exterior all-purpose cleaner, like Auto Finesse Citrus Power, to remove old dressings and adherent grime. Once the trims are clean, dry them with a microfibre drying towel or air-blower, removing as much water from the panel gaps as possible to avoid drips. Give the bottle a good shake to integrate the ingredients, and apply Revive sparingly to a foam applicator, tyre and trim applicator. Using moderate pressure, work thoroughly into the trim, taking care to obtain uniform coverage. A little bit goes a long way, so try not to over-apply, though doing so will cause no ill effects. Allow the product to cure for 5-10 minutes until dry, and gently buff with a general purpose microfibre towel to reveal an even satin finish.





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  1. (verified owner)

    I used this on my 4 year old car that had really faded plastic trim. The trim was so bad, it was white in patches as if it had dried wax on it. After using this treatment on it, its come up like new after just one use! I’m so happy with the results and a little bit went a really long way! A very worthwhile investment to keep up the look of my car.
    It also arrived really quickly and well packaged from SlickShifts, will no doubt be buying from here again!

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