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  • Angelwax Bilberry Concentrate 1 Litre

Angelwax Bilberry Superior Wheel Cleaner Concentrate



Angelwax BILBERRY, THE ORIGINAL FORMULA WHEEL CLEANER has been formulated for the safe use on various types of wheel surface.

Size 1 Litre & 5 Litre

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Angelwax Bilberry Superior Wheel Cleaner Concentrate


Angelwax BILBERRY, THE ORIGINAL FORMULA WHEEL CLEANER has been formulated for the safe use on various types of wheel surface.

Our unique, pleasantly odoured non-acidic formulation is designed to work quickly and safely, removing brake dust, traffic film and other contaminants without the need for strong acids, which may harm and discolour the surface coating of lacquered and painted wheels.

Angelwax BILBERRY is also safe to use on plastic centre caps.


Bilberry Superior Wheel Cleaner Concentrate

Available ready to use in 1L & 5L bottles.


  • In a suitable mixing bottle, dilute Angelwax BILBERRY following the guidelines below. Rinse the wheel to be cleaned with a hose or pressure washer to remove any loose dirt and to cool the wheel surface.
  • Working on one wheel at a time, spray the wheel to be treated with Angelwax BILBERRY and agitate with an alloy wheel brush.
  • Rinse thoroughly before moving on to the next wheel.


  • For the ultimate in alloy wheel protection, apply Angelwax BILBERRY WHEEL WAX for a professional finish.


Dilution Ratios:

Heavy contamination
1 part BILBERRY to 2 parts water

Light contamination
1 part BILBERRY to 10 parts water


  • Never apply to hot wheel surfaces!
  • Do not allow Angelwax BILBERRY to dry out on the wheel surface!
  • Always test on a small area of a polished or chrome wheel before use.


Angelwax WHEEL CLEANER is not suitable for chromed or polished wheels.



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1 Litre, 5 Litre