You’ve purchased a soap and a wax, but do you have
the right Chemical Guys Accessories to go with them?
Well, we’ve got you covered. With our car wash & detailing accessories, Chemical Guys is your one stop shop for all of your detailing needs!
Proper removal of dirt and debris is essential for a scratch-free finish on any automobile. Chemical Guys stocks the finest car wash mitts and pads that help remove dirt and debris without causing swirls or scratches. Premium microfibre Chenille wash mitts gently lift and trap abrasive dirt away from paintwork for a scratch-free shine with every wash.
Need a Wash Bucket? Our Heavy Duty Detailing Buckets are nothing like the one’s that you can pick up for a couple of bucks at your local DIY store! These are the ‘Real Deal’ Strong & Versatile. They can be a Seat or a Stool or you can adapt them to carry your Water safely without spillage!
Then there’s the Cyclone Dirt Trap a must have ESSENTIAL item for any Detailing Enthusiast!
Plus, we have Brushes, Microfibre Towels for every aspect of Vehicle Detailing & even a Microfibre Wash to keep them in Tip Top condition.

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