Bilt Hamber Accessories. These application products have been handpicked and tested throughout our range. They get the most out of our other products as they have been designed to work with them.
These products include application pads for waxes and polishes, injection lances for cavity wax application, brushes, plush microfibre cloths, solvents and hand cleaner pumps.The accessories we offer have been handpicked from thousands of items to get the most out of our products.
Unique, soft and seamless app-pads…
Soft, thick foam applicator pads with an easy to grip shape that aids in the control of wax application.
Recommended for use with double speed-wax, finis-wax, auto-balm, hydra-wax, micro-fine, cleanser-polish and auto-QD.
Suitable for use with other manufacturers paste waxes.

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