Wax / Sealants

The Auto Finesse Wax / Sealants range include handmade carnuba wax / sealants offer show car looks, great durability and a superior shine finishes that lasts.
The Auto Finesse Wax / Sealants range of hand-made carnauba waxes and paint sealants have been developed to offer a wide range of advantages from months of durability to dripping wet show car looks. Each carnauba wax specifically tailored to different colours (light and dark) and paint types (solid and metallic) make it simple to chose the correct car wax to suit your needs. Each of our waxes from our car wax are packed with natural T-1 carnauba wax as well as essential oils to nourish and protect your paintwork for months. Along side our range of car waxes we also offer synthetic paint sealants in the form of Power Seal and Tough Coat. Power Seal a long-lasting polymer sealant designed for use with dual-action polishers, can also be worked in by hand. Whilst Tough Coat should be used by hand and will protect your vehicle from fallout and UV rays in minutes. Both make your vehicle easier to clean in the future.

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