The Auto Finesse interior range of car cleaners, leather cleaners, leather conditioners and dressings are all designed to give your cockpit that factory fresh look and feel.
As you spend most of your time inside your car, a well detailed interior is key. The Auto Finesse interior range of car cleanersleather cleanersleather conditioners, dressings and quick detailers make it a pleasure to detail the inside of your car. Total is a pre-diluted all purpose cleaner (APC) that’s perfect for seats, carpets, plastic panels and much more. If you are looking for a concentrated all purpose cleaner (APC), Verso is perfect as you can dilute it down to suit your specific needs. Hide Cleaner and Hide Conditioner will have your leather looking like new. These two products work together cleaning and conditioning all types of leather. Finally, to keep on top of your freshly detailed cockpit, we offer Spritz, an interior quick detailer that will keep your interior surfaces looking freshly detailed.

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