The Auto Finesse Accessories range includes Microfibre Cloths, Microfibre Towels, Applicators, Wash Mitts have been designed, developed and are trusted by professional detailers worldwide.
In the Auto Finesse Accessories range you’ll find that the right detailing accessories make all the difference. Having the right microfibre cloths, towels & foam applicators will help complete the job to a higher standard and in quicker time. We have developed a range of microfibre cloths and towels to cater for a range of needs from drying a vehicle to removing waxes as well as polishes. A range of foam applicators including the now well-known XL-Wax Mate that are the exact diameter to fit and be stored in our wax tins. Whilst a range of stickers and air fresheners will keep your vehicle looking smart and smelling fresh. All of our detailing accessories have been designed and selected for practical hands-on approach for both hobbyist and professionals alike.

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