The all New Renault Mégane R.S. details have just been released today.
Maybe you saw it as the Course Car driven by Carlos Sainz Jnr on the Monte Carlo Rally last weekend. Well now all the official details have been released. 
For now it’s the Sport & Cup versions, Manual or Auto, but there will be a Trophy version later in the year with More Power!

First unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2017, All-New Renault Mégane R.S. has been eagerly awaited by sports driving enthusiasts. Just like its predecessors, the Mégane R.S. is aiming to become a benchmark in the C-segment hot hatch market. The third generation Mégane R.S. is packed full of Renault Sport expertise and passion.

Driven by its powerful design and focused on performance, All-New Renault Mégane R.S. makes no attempt to hide its motorsport pedigree, offering outstanding driving pleasure on the road and on the track.

  • Unique in class 4CONTROL four-wheel steering system ensures stability at high speeds and agility at low speeds – at high speeds, the front and rear wheels turn in the same direction, limited to a one degree angle for the rear wheels and at low speeds, the front and rear wheels turn in opposite directions up to a maximum angle of 2.7 degrees;
  • Hydraulic bump stops all round enable optimum control of tyre-ground contact and increased ride comfort;
  • The world’s most powerful 1.8-litre engine delivers 280hp and 390Nm of torque thanks to the development work jointly carried out by engineers from Renault Sport Cars and Renault Sport Racing;
  • The option of an Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) gearbox is available for the first time, alongside a manual transmission;
  • Two types of chassis are available – Sport or Cup. The Sport chassis provides easy sporty driving, with best-in-class efficiency, whilst the Cup chassis offers greater sports performance for track and fast road use;
  • The new R.S. Monitor Expert allows drivers to film their track sessions and overlay telemetry data to create augmented reality videos that can later be analysed on the R.S. Replay website;
  • The unique R.S. Vision lighting system with chequered flag design integrates the side lights, cornering lights, fog lights & high beam into one housing in the front bumper.

Pricing for the All-New Renault Mégane R.S. will be made available closer to the on-sale date of early summer 2018.

Manual or efficient dual clutch EDC gearbox: spoilt for choice

Widely acclaimed by owners of Mégane III R.S., the six-speed manual transmission is maintained on All-New Mégane R.S.

An optional six-speed EDC dual-clutch gearbox is also available for the first time. In order to provide complete reliability, this gearbox – which is already in use on several models in the Renault range – has been strengthened to withstand the torque and revs of a sports car engine. Based on the required take-off acceleration, in-gear acceleration and maximum speed, the Renault Sport engineers defined new gear ratios and specific shift patterns, associated with the Multi-Sense modes so as to adapt to all driving styles.

Influenced by the Renault Sport Formula One Team, the EDC gearbox comes with steering wheel-mounted gearshift paddles. The gearshift times depend on which Multi-Sense mode is selected:

  • Comfort and Normal: smooth gear changes, without any jerking;
  • Sport: quicker gear changes with amplified engine noise;
  • Race: efficiency with no compromise on comfort, with even quicker gear changes.

In Sport and Race modes, the EDC gearbox also has the following functions:

  • Multi Change Down: under braking in manual mode, this feature lets you drop several gears simultaneously by pressing and holding down the left-hand paddle. The best gear is then selected in order to exit the corner as efficiently as possible.

Launch Control: the clutch and turbo are pre-loaded, enabling standing starts to be made just as quickly as in a racing car. In Sport mode, traction control provides the driver with additional support in finding the best possible grip in slippery conditions.

Multi-Sense: customise your sports car experience

Controlling engine response, the mapping of the accelerator pedal, shift patterns, On the EDC gearbox, and the stiffness of the steering, the Multi-Sense system lets drivers customise their experience according to the circumstances. Five positions are available:

  • Comfort: specific engine response settings and gearbox shift patterns5 that reduce fuel consumption;
  • Normal: a good balance between comfort, acoustics and safety, with an ideal ESP activation threshold for everyday use;
  • Sport: a sportier disposition, this mode combines more lively response with pleasingly accentuated engine noise, stiffer steering and a delayed ESP activation threshold;
  • Race: for racetrack driving, the ESP is completely disabled and the settings of the 4CONTROL system deliver even more agile handling;
  • Perso: this mode allows each driver to customise the settings of the various technologies and driver aids (ADAS) on the vehicle – every part of the car can be set up individually according to the driver’s situation.

The engine, gearbox and ESC settings are summarised as:

The various modes may be accessed via the R-LINK 2 touchscreen tablet. The R.S. Drive button provides a shortcut to the Sport (short press) and Race (press and hold) modes.

By the end of the year, Renault Sport will be releasing a “Trophy” version, with power output upped to 300hp and a peak torque of 400Nm. The Cup chassis, 19-inch wheel rims and the bi-material brake discs will be standard on this version.