MS-RT Introduces New Design Ford Transit Custom

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MS-RT 2018 Ford Transit Custom

I know that a lot of Ford Fans are talking / dreaming about a very special limited edition Orange Car at the moment. It’s causing Happiness & Sadness in equal measures for various reasons ? But I think they’re hankering after the wrong vehicle……………………… this is the Orange one they should be after ? Not a ‘review’ as I’ve not had the pleasure of driving one yet but just a bit of info.

If you follow Rallying & the WRC then no doubt you’ll have heard of M-Sport!? No, well ok, M-Sport is owned & run by Malcolm Wilson. You know the guy who used to be a Ford Factory Rally Driver! They run Ford Fiesta Rally Cars in the WRC, this year they also have Ford Factory backing.

So what’s that got to do with this New style Ford Transit Custom I hear you ask? Well, I guess, truthfully, it hasn’t really much to do with Rallying, per se, at all but with all the experience they’ve gained over the years, then, this does trickle down into the ‘Road Technology’ Vehicles. Like, this, Transit Custom has different shock Springs, Wheels & Tyres, to improve the handling, than the standard one.

It’s more of a ‘Lifestyle’ type of Product, you know, it’s for the sort of people that watch, support & believe either in Ford, Rallying or M-Sport. They don’t want a standard model they want something a bit more unique & different. Something that bears a sporting similarity to the Team / Manufacturer that they follow. And, then, of course there’s always the kind of people that simply like it for what it is & don’t really care what the ‘message’ is.

Me, I like it for all of the above reasons really. I like Ford’s, for my sins, I follow the WRC & I think it looks Bloody Fantastic. Especially in the new Metallic Orange Glow colourway ?? Of course all of the other Ford Colours are available too.

How it’s done, so a standard Ford Transit Custom with quite a few factory options turns up at a company called Van-Sport. They do MS-RT versions of other Ford Commercial Vehicles too if you’re interested…here. And they, basically, draw a few lines / shapes on a clever computer & hey presto this is what turns out at the other end. Oh and they give the Interior a ‘little’ bit of a going over too. That’s the short version of events. ? And will you just look at that new re-designed Steering Wheel ? In reality I think they’re what you & I would simply refer to as Car Design Magicians ?

And, there you have it, a stunning New MS-RT (M Sport Road Technology) Transit Custom, they we’re referred to as M-Sport but they’re not allowed to use that moniker anymore something to do with BMW!  Imho they’ve just nailed it this time, it manages to look sweet ‘n mean all at the same time ???

Now, I just need to get my hands on one & use it to sell the Detailing Products that I stock. So if you ever manage to read this MS-RT / Van-Sport & you want a brand ambassador then I’m your man, ? can you hear me??, hey I’m talking to you guys ?

Disclaimer……..I have absolutely No affiliation with any of the above companies but I just love the look of this!

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