Ford Escort 50th Anniversary inc Video

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Not sure how I missed this article?! But I found it on the American Ford site so thought I’d post it up on my site for anybody that’s not seen it yet. I’ve had a few Ford Escorts in my time from MKII RS Mexico, MK4 XR3i x 2, MK6 RS2000 4×4, RS Cosworth Big Turbo x 2 & RS Cosworth Small Turbo. So I kinda like the Escort & I’d certainly have another MKII Escort of some kind & a RS Cosworth if I ever managed to win on the Lottery! Plus, I’ve never had a MK4 RS Turbo & I really, really want a good one. Most people probably wouldn’t understand but they’re just the kind of cars that I like. Anyway here’s the article…….
DEARBORN – Hot on the heels of Sebastien Ogier winning the 2018 FIA WRC Drivers Championship in a Ford Fiesta, we could not resist the opportunity to celebrate another milestone – the 50th anniversary of the legendary Ford Escort.
Racing has always been in the DNA of Ford and the Escort firmly lived up to this reputation on track and especially on rally stages across the world.
The fact that the Escort is still used competitively in rallies globally is a testament to its ability – something that we hope we have captured in this video.

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