Commission Sales. We could sell your Vehicle on your behalf!?

Do you have a ‘sporty’, prestige or classic type of vehicle which you’re wanting to sell?
Don’t want the hassle of advertising your vehicle, dealing with the enquires, having to arrange viewings, dealing with the numerous payment options that’s available & not to mention the tyre kickers etc?
If so then why not get in touch?
Maybe we can help out and do all of that for you!?
We could sort out the Wheat from the Chaff so to speak. So when we bring someone to view your vehicle, or have it here ready for viewing, you know that they’re genuinely interested in purchasing it.
Ideally we’d also like to prepare the car & take our own photos too but we understand this may not always be possible due to location.
We would carry out a vehicle history check, inspect the car + docs and then together we can agree an achievable sale price.
Charges for this service will vary depending on the vehicle’s actual selling price & the work we have to do to sell it. But, we’re sure it will be a cost effective way to sell your vehicle & you should realise a bigger potential of your funds.
If you may be interested in selling your vehicle in this way or would just like some further information then Please do get in touch